Why window cleaning companies should have a website

When you want food you go to a grocery store. If you want to shop for clothes you visit a mall. But if
you want to hire someone to clean your windows, where do you go? The answer is…the Internet.
These days window cleaning companies should have a website because that’s the main way
potential customers find their business.
In the old days, people would look up local service­oriented businesses in “The Yellow Pages.” This
was before Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List and other online websites. Today, however, Google and
other “search” sites have made it possible for a person to sit at their home computer and find out all
sorts of information quickly and efficiently.
Besides using desktop computers, people access the Internet using tablets and smartphones, such
that window cleaning companies should have a mobile­friendly website. That way, anyone anywhere
in the world could type in some “keywords” in their Internet browser and the nearby window cleaning
companies would “pop up” on their screens instantly. Any companies not “on the web” would be
missing out on potential customers.
While not everyone uses computers and websites, society in general is moving toward almost all
communication via the Internet. People in their twenties, for instance, are used to looking up
businesses via Google rather than paging through phone books or other paperwork to find what
they’re searching for; if your window cleaning company (or any other business, for that matter) isn’t
online with a dedicated website sharing essential information, your business can and will suffer in
today’s digital economy.

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