Why Should You Have Clean Window Tracks?

Have you ever opened or closed a window only to look down and see grimy dirt and/or dead bugs stuck in the window tracks? You want to clean them out, but you don’t really want to get your hands dirty. That’s where Alliance Window Cleaning comes in, to the rescue.

Alliance Window Cleaning has the necessary tools and know-how to clean residential interior and exterior window tracks using a scrub brush attached to a vacuum hose. Scrubbing helps loosen dirt and grime and other stuff that has attached itself to the window tracks, while the vacuum works at sucking it all up so you won’t have to look at it anymore. Then, Alliance Window Cleaning uses a sponge to wipe the tracks, just like a professional car wash does a little something extra to truly clean a car.

Rather than creating a mess and getting gunk and junk all over, including your walls, Alliance Window Cleaning’s superior method of cleaning window tracks keeps it simple and effective without furthering the problem. ​

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