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Window Cleaning Service 

Window cleaning service, or window washing as many prefer to call it, is the cleaning of architectural glass used for structural, lightning, or decorative purposes.
Commercial window and high rise window cleaning will greatly improve the curb appeal of your building. What we provide at Alliance Window Cleaning is the solution that is guaranteed to make you happy. We are never satisfied until you are satisfied.
We offer spotless window cleaning service for your commercial properties. We work on high-rise buildings and ground-level buildings as well. Our high-rise window cleaning services include condominiums, hospitals, sports centers, office buildings etc. while our ground-level commercial window cleaning services include retail stores, doctor offices, business front centers and interior office partition windows.
Our team – consisting of specially trained professionals – will work with you to create maintenance schedules that are guaranteed to meet all your needs.
Since 1992, we have been privileged to build a lot of strong customer relationships and we look forward to building the next one with you.

Why should we be your window cleaning company?

1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We offer 100% guaranteed on every job.  We will ensure well never leave behind any dirty windows.
2. Our Work Process
We do our work by hand-cleaning your window using professional cleaning t-bars, scrubbers, squeegees, chamois, and scrapers. We use the chamois to dry the excess water left by the squeegee. Then, expertly, clean all the exterior and interior window frames and window sills to remove dust, dirt, and cobwebs. What is more interesting however is that we along with the owner of each building will do a thorough inspection to ensure they are 100% satisfied.
3. We Offer Special Window Cleaning Services
For every job, offer special window cleaning services. Our special cleaning service is about removing calcium build-up, embedded dirt and other stains from your window. The process includes:

The Tools we will use to get your work done.

For buildings having limited roof anchors or tie off points, we will use mobile roof rigs or parapet clamps. Mobile roof rigs are specially designed with an Outreach Arm/Beam and Counterweights. The reason behind using this is that a typical Outreach arm can extend from 2 to 3 feet and can hold a typical average worker plus tools. The counterweight ranges from 400 – 800 pounds depending on the arm outreach. Our mobile roof rigs are certified by OSHA and meet every ANSI standards for fall protection. We ensure that proper inspection is done before using them to clean your windows of your building.
For buildings with limited roof anchors, the parapet clamp is an anchor point we use. Our clamps which are OSHA certified and meet all ANSI standards for fall protection are secured on engineered structured parapet wall and each can hold one average person including tools and supplies.

What makes us different from other window cleaning companies?

To set us ahead of the pack, our courteous professionals will arrive on time. Every member of our team has gone through extensive background checks.
Our company ensures we get your job done the right way. We understand that first impressions are everlasting and important.
We will wipe the sills & ledges of your windows.
We will always make sure all our employees and tools conform to all ANSI and OSHA safety regulations
Lastly, we guarantee to make your windows shine every time.


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Kim G.
163d ago

From the appointment for the estimate to the actual cleaning of my windows was 3 days! The were friendly, fast, neat, and my windows look fantastic inside and out! I appreciate their attention to detail, and I will definitely use this service again.

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